Increase Production by Reducing Wellhead Pressure – Reduce Operating Costs

High Volume Blower Compressor

The High Volume Blower Compressor (HVBC) is ideally suited to improve performance of high volume, low pressure wells.  HVBC increases the pressure of low pressure gas to a usable pressure, backing out propane usage while increasing well production.


  • Produce large volume of gas at lower pressure to supply multiple well pads
  • Lowers wellhead pressure to enable increased production
  • Economical to purchase and run
  • Push gas into collection systems where pressures are low
  • Boost lower pressure gas to “back out” propane usage
  • Can be set up to run off existing skids and hydraulics
  • Low maintenance and user friendly


  • 5HP Gardner Denver blower c/w 35cc hydraulic motor
  • Two – 8” x 48” desiccant scrubbers c/w sight glass and drain
  • Low gas pressure shut off sensor
  • 13 PSI relief valve
  • 12” x 12” Catadyne heater
  • Pipe-fitted to exterior of building
  • Class 1 Division 2 electrical
  • 4’ x 4’ x 6’ foam injected panel building
  • Hinged roof on building

Proven Performance

Go‐Technologies estimate of Fuel Gas Savings utilizing the High Volume Blower Compressor System instead of buying fuel gas from the natural gas co‐op.

Scenario 1

Gather and transfer 4 Decs of casing gas venting from 2 wells to a battery site and use it for fuel gas.   4 decs per day at $144 per dec equals $576 per day in expenses for the fuel gas used. This equates to $210,240 per year.

Scenario 2

Reduction or elimination of propane costs:   A Single well battery with a 5.7 Chev engine skid plus two storage tanks with burners. Propane usage roughly 8% per day or higher during winter months which equates to 80 gallons per day or 364 liters. 364 liters x.47 cents per liter =$171 per day or $5,132 per month and $61,588 per year. Propane costs savings of $33,488 would be realized.

Case Study 1

High Volume Blower Compressor System installed on a well that was venting and could not be controlled by pinching back the casing valve, county gas was being used for fuel gas on the site. The casing pressure was pulled down to 1 .5 PSI while maintaining 10‐12 PSI on the fuel gas tree and the well production stabilized. Over a 3 month period the county gas system did not have to be used and the result was a savings of $9,000 per month or $27,000 in 3 months. This equates to $108,000 per year in savings if all variables remain the same.

Case Study 2

High Volume Blower Compressor System installed on a well that was carrying a steady 4.5 PSI on the casing which was not enough to effectively balance fluid level versus fuel gas use. The casing gas pressure was reduced to 1.5 PSI and 8 PSI discharge pressure and propane costs stopped in addition; the well produced an additional 2.1 M³ of oil per day over the next month. The fluid level increased by 4‐5 joints during this time. In this case if all variables remain the same a propane cost of $48,000 per year will be eliminated and, as an added bonus, an increase in revenue from the additional oil production.

Download the HVBC Brochure!

You can download a copy of our HVBC brochure below. The link will open the brochure in a new window allowing you to save a PDF version straight to your desktop.