Our Services

Services We Are Proud To Offer

We provide a variety of services and Innovative Solutions

Manufacture and Design

Our M&D Division encompasses a complete team of experts that will custom build for any energy or Agricultural application

High Efficiency Portable Aeration Dryer

High Pressure Natural Gas Compressors
Low Pressure High Volume Compressors
Vapor Recovery
Natural Gas
Carbon Dioxide
Power Generation
Electrical Gen Sets
Wind Power
Solar Power
Hydraulic Power Skids


Our electrical division is comprised of Master, Journeyman and Apprentice electricians that are very diversified in the trade.

Solar/Wind Installations
Prime power Generators
Back Up Generators


Gas Supply and Analysis

Our Gas Division consists of Journeyman Pipefitters, Compressor Mechanics and Gas analysis capabilities

Natural Gas
   – Methane Gas Capture – Vapour Recovery
   – Compression

   – Repair
   – Replacement parts
   – PM programs
   – Replacement compressors
   – New and used inventory

Sales Qualification
GOR Calculations
Remote Monitoring

   – Mercaptan Injection
   – Dew Points
Permit Services

Prime Power Mechanical Services

Our Mechanics Division houses journeyman and apprentice mechanics, and crane operators

Natural Gas engines & Hydraulic Systems
   – Repair
   – Replacement parts
   – PM programs
   – Replacement engines
   – New and used inventory

Full line of Service trucks and picker trucks for engine swaps and equipment moves


Material Hauling

Our Material Hauling Division offers safe and affordable Full services from  Excavation to Reclamation



Equipment Moves

Picker Trucks

Dirt Work & Material Hauling