3 in 1 Modular Vapour Recovery Unit

GO Tech Three Stage VRU

Combination units are available for Multiple Well Sites and Single Well sites to provide both localized fuel supply and to feed infrastructure.

1st Stage – High Volume Blower Compressor

2nd Stage – Screw Compressor Variation

3rd Stage – Combination of Both

modular vru


  • 8.5’ x 22’ Enclosed Trailer with 3- 6000 lb. axles
  • Sectioned and Vapor barrier added for GEN SET and Electrical Controls in rear compartment
  • Interior is Vapor Barrier and Sheeted Aluminum over Wood (note this is an upgrade so there is no exposed combustibles)
  • Both stages run with a Horner PLC Panel, Programming included
  • Unit standardized to move 13 E3M3 at 2 psi inlet (customizable)
  • Completely wired and programmed
  • Suction pressure set at 7kpa on first stage with discharge of 2- 14 psi
  • 2nd stage inlet at 2 psi and discharge of 70 – 120 psi
  • Pre filter installed on inlet gas
  • Both coolers designed for 20-degree Celsius discharge temp
  • High Temp shutdowns added to Blower and Screw Compressor
  • Generator, sized and installed to meet KW requirements of Compressors and any additional powersources