High Efficiency Portable Aeration Dryer (HEPAD)

High Efficiency Portable Aeration Dryer

Grain dryers can benefit your operation in many ways. Grain drying is an important part of the harvest process, especially if you plan to store your grain to market it for the best results. By using the HEPAD, you can harvest grain while the quality is still good.

The HEPAD was created by farmers for farmers. GO Technologies wants to help our clients dry their grain directly in the bin. The efficient heat exchange system isolates combustion gases and exhaust, and it eliminates the heat source contact with your valuable inventory. Which means higher efficiencies in drying and a large cost savings for our clients.

Our HEPAD units are portable and easy to use. Connect your HEPAD to bins with a flexible sock. Options for natural gas are available, along with propane. Units are available from 175,000 BTUs to 260,000 BTUs.

Our HEPAD works on positive pressure, so if your bins are full with wheat, canola or barley, they will not shut down with static pressure. The flu gasses are vented off before it enters the bin so there is no water vapor from the flame going into the bin. Making HEPAD units making extremely efficient.

Our Three (3) coil inline heaters are extremely portable. Move the HEPAD unit from bin to bin instead of moving the grain. HEPAD units are easily stored when not in use.

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  • 200,000 plus BTU heating system
  • Portable and easily stored
  • Efficient heat exchange system
    • Isolates combustion gases and exhaust
    • Eliminates heat source contact with valuable inventory
  • Sizable to fit 3-9 hp applications (variable heat rejection)
  • Dries grain in the bin

Proven Performance

Go Technologies management team has extensive experience in Farming and Ranching to enhance the efficiencies of producers in commodity markets.

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