Our HEPAD works on positive pressure,  will not shut down with static pressure.  Flu gasses are vented off before they enter the bin in turn no water vapor from flame enters making this HEPAD Extremely Efficient.

Move from Bin to Bin

Harvest more efficiently

lower cost

Base Model HEPAD – Overview

XL Model HEPAD – Overview

'Dry Top Quality Grain at the Start of your Harvest vs
Poor Quality at the End of Season
Putting More Real Dollars in Your Pocket'

Efficient Heat Exchange System

Isolates Combustion Gases and Exhaust

Eliminates Heat Source Contact with Valuable Inventory

Start Earlier ... End Later = More Acres / Day

Condition and Dry Grain in the Bin
Take Grain Off in Better Condition
Operate Harvest On Your Terms

Portable and Easily Stored

200,000 - 450,000 BTU Heating System

Dries Grain in the Bin